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in 2024


12 11 2023 / This article was written by an AI and corrected by a human!💁❤️

These are the top 10 latest digital marketing trends
in 2024

Digital marketing is a fast-paced industry with new trends emerging all the time. It can be challenging to keep up, particularly as nuances and terminology tend to change frequently. It’s not uncommon for marketers to get caught in a rut or feel like they have reached a plateau – at least until another game-changing trend emerges to once again shake things up.

There are so many digital marketing trends worth monitoring from 2019 to 2022. New opportunities will emerge, existing ones will come into focus again, and some other ones may fall out of favor again.

The following list contains the top 10 digital marketing trends you should know about this year if you want your brand to stay ahead of the curve. Here we present you the top ten trends in digital marketing for 2024


AI Customer Service & Automation

Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for several years now, but 2018 really felt like the year when it truly started to become a normal part of everyday business and marketing practices. One of the most interesting developments in the AI marketing space is the introduction of customer service automation. This potential use case was one of the most intriguing aspects of the IBM Watson and Salesforce partnership, which we followed closely throughout the year. The companies aim to leverage the advanced capabilities of AI to provide more personalised customer service and support. There are a number of companies that have followed suit and are jumping on the bandwagon of AI customer service.


Crypto & Art

Crypto and art, two industries that were once almost completely unrelated, have come together in a fascinating way in recent months. Several high-profile auction houses have begun to accept cryptocurrency for art sales and exhibitions. The first major auction house to take this step was Sotheby’s, which announced in October 2018 that it would be accepting Bitcoin as payment for select pieces. This development has created a new type of crossover between crypto and art enthusiasts, as well as a new avenue for crypto investors to diversify their holdings. For example, you can now buy a piece of a Picasso painting with cryptocurrency. This crossover between art and crypto is likely to continue to gain momentum in 2019 and beyond, and could become a significant trend in digital marketing as well.


UI / UX of the future

User experience (UX) design has been a major focus for marketers for several years now, but the landscape is likely to change dramatically in the coming years. As AI becomes an increasingly vital part of business operations, it will also become increasingly important for UX practices. When UX designers create digital experiences that revolve around AI, they’ll need to consider how the technology will interact with their users. This is a developing area that will likely see plenty of changes in the coming years.


Personalised Emails & Ads

Personalisation has long been a core part of digital marketing strategy, but the focus on increasingly advanced technologies has the potential to make personalisation even more effective. One of the most intriguing developments in this area is the emergence of artificial intelligence in email marketing platforms. Brands can now leverage AI to create hyper-personalised emails that are much more relevant to recipients. Additionally, AI has also become a significant part of advertising in recent years. This is particularly true in the realm of programmatic advertising, which relies heavily on automation and targeting. That said, programmatic advertising is expected to become even more personalised in the coming years as the technology behind it advances.


To the point Content Marketing

Content marketing continues to be a major trend in digital marketing, and it has the potential to become even more significant as technology advances and changes. One of the most interesting developments in the world of content marketing is the rise of blockchain-based platforms that allow content creators to be rewarded for their work. The concept of content marketing is likely to evolve as technology changes, but the fundamental concept remains the same. Content marketing is about providing valuable and engaging content to your audience to drive leads and conversions.



While blockchain technology has been on the rise for several years now, it has started to gain significant momentum in the past year. This technology is one of the most significant digital trends to follow. The most popular blockchain network is Bitcoin, which has seen its popularity soar in the past year. More people than ever are now aware of digital currencies, and they are eager to get in on the action.


Audience Growth via Content

Marketers have always looked to create and distribute valuable content as a way to grow their audience, but this strategy will become even more important in the coming years. This is particularly true in light of changes to platforms like Facebook, which have caused a lot of marketers to re-evaluate their strategies. To keep growing your audience, you will need to focus on creating truly engaging content that resonates with your audience and gets them to take action. This includes everything from blog posts to emails to videos.


Social Media

Social media marketing has been one of the most significant digital marketing trends for years now, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, social media has become even more important in recent years thanks to changes and updates to some of the most popular platforms. Social media platforms have been adjusting their algorithms to provide a better experience for users and to combat misinformation and abuse. This has made it more challenging for brands to reach their audiences on social networks.


Voice Assistant Technology

Voice assistant technology is another significant digital trend to keep an eye on in the coming years. There are many options available, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s Siri. Both Alexa and Google Assistant have been around for several years now, but Apple’s entry into the space has significantly changed the landscape. Now that the two leading voice assistant services are competing with each other, their technology is likely to improve significantly and become even more useful for users and businesses.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation has been around for a few years now, but it still has plenty of room to grow in the coming years. This trend came to the forefront as GDPR was being implemented, and marketers began to question the value of certain data collection and analytics practices. While marketing automation has always been viewed as a core part of modern marketing strategy, it has taken on even more importance in recent months.

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